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European Auto Brands with Logos
Abarth grew from the fruit of the imagination of legendary driver Karl Abarth. With a history of records and grand innovations, this is the story of a man and his special cars. The ones that he first brought to Italy and then to the rest of the world.

Karl Abarth was born on November 15th, 1908, under the sign of scorpio. That is why Abarth uses the scorpion logo on its cars. Models include: 124 Spider & Spider Scorpion. Abarth 595 line of Pista, Turismo and Competizione. Abarth 695 line of XSR, Rivale and Biposto.
Alfa Romeo is an Italian maker of small, sporty automobiles. The company was founded in 1910, in Milan Italy. Today Alfa Romeo is headquartered in Turin, Italy. The Alpha Romeo logo is quite unique and easily recognized. Current Production Models of Alpha Romeo include the Mito, Giulietta, 159 and 159SW. Slogans: Alfa Romeo. Beauty is not enough., Power for your control.
Alpina is a German Car Company founded by Burkard Bovensiepen in 1965. Alpina works very closely with BMW, so closely that their processes are integrated into BMWs production lines. Alpina's are tailored to highly experienced drivers who love power, high-performance and luxury.
Aston Martin is a Luxury Car Maker that hails from England. Founded in 1913 by Robert Bramford & Lionel Martin the company was first called "Bamford & Martin LTD". The brand is best known for making cars for the iconic movie character "James Bond". Many of the fast, beautiful sports cars that "James Bond" has driven have been Aston Martin's. Aston Martin's logo is a set of wings, with the name "Aston Martin" riding on them. You can just feel it oozing class and etiquette.
Audi "Vorsprung durch Technik" or, "Progress through Technology" is our company ethos and is the core belief that drives the development of every Audi vehicle. Audi's easily recognizable symbol of 4 interlocking rings, symbolizes the joining of 4 companies. These companies were Horch, DKW, Wanderer and Audi. The merger took place in 1932. Slogans: Truth in Engineering. , Never follow. , Progress is never backing down.
Bentley Motors
If you want to live life in the lap of luxury, then a Bentley is a great place to start. This car brand can only be described as luxury in excess. A car that only the rich can afford, yet we can all admire from afar. A London auto maker that was founded in 1919 by W.O. Bentley.

BMW With the three brands, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the BMW Group has its sights set firmly on the premium sector of the international automobile market. To achieve its aims, the company knows how to deploy its strengths with an efficiency that is unmatched in the automotive industry. The strategic objective is clearly defined: The BMW Group is the leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility. Slogan: The Ultimate Driving Machine. , Sheer Driving Pleasure

Bugatti This French automaker is known for making some serious autos. Bugatti has always been the epitome of exclusivity, luxury, elegance, style, extraordinary design, and a great passion for automobiles.


Ferrari Founded by Enzo Ferrari, Ferrari is an Italian auto brand that began by building race cars. Today they make some of the most sought after sports cars known to man. Ferrari's attention to minute detail is legendary, nothing short of perfection leaves the factory. You can count on a Ferrari to be exotic, unique, stylish, fast and incredibly fun to drive.

Fiat Brand Fiat recently gained attention with their use of flashy T.V. commercials to promote their products in 2012. One feature Charlie Sheen driving a Fiat Car around his mansion while on "house arrest". Fiat is the largest manufacturer of cars in Italy, the company Fiat S.p.A. was formed in 2007 when Fiat reorganized its business. In January 2009, Fiat acquired a 20% stake in the U.S.A. auto company Chrysler LLC. Which means that Fiat is once again returning to the North American market. Popular brands if Fiat include the Fiat 500, Fiat Uno, Fiat Doblo, Fiat Fiorino, and others. Fiat has approximately a 9% share of the European auto market.

Jaguar The pouncing jaguar emblem makes this car an International icon. Many of the older Jaguar's used the emblem as a hood ornament, making it seem as if the Jaguar was almost jumping out of the hood. A car brand with cat-like agility and quickness. The Jaguar line includes the XF, XJ, XK and hot new F-Type convertible is really sweet. Owners simply refer to these cars as "My Jag" or "I own a Jag" and everyone knows what they mean. Slogans: Don't dream it. Drive it. , How alive are you?


Lamborghini makes ultra fast sports cars, that you have to be rich to own. Founded in 1963, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A is headquartered in Sant' Agata Bolognese, Northeastern Italy. The vehicles they produce are few and the demand for them is great. Models Lamborghini has manufactured include 350GT, Miura, Espada, Countach, Diablo, Murcielago, Reventon Coupe, Reventon Roadster, Gallardo LP 560-4 Coupe & Spider, Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera. Their newest model the Aventador LP 700-4 is another masterpiece of automotive design and performance. The companies logo features a gold colored bull that looks ready to charge.


Land Rover made its debut in 1948, they were designed for extreme conditions and to be extraordinarily tough and long lasting. In fact many of the original Land Rover vehicles are still in service today. Today Land Rover has been completely redesigned. They are still focused on building vehicles that can go off road or over rough terrain, yet they are also quite luxurious at the same time. Land Rover's start at around a price tag of $36,000 for an LR2 and can go up to around $85,000 for the new Range Rover. Slogan: Above And Beyond.

Lotus Lotus makes sleak, eye catching, featherlight sports cars. They are hand-built in Great Britain.

Maserati Officine Alfieri Maserati was founded on 1 December 1914 in Bologna, Italy. Since then, Maserati has played a consistently important role in the history of sports car culture and its development. Nearly a century of activity has brought with it glorious achievements both on the road and the track as well as more challenging times, which have helped forge the company’s character and personality. Slogan: Excellence Through Passion

Mercedes-Benz is a special brand of automobile, known for high quality, innovation and outstanding reliability. The company was formed in 1926 when 2 autos merged, Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) and Benz & Cie. Together the 2 companies combined formed the new Daimler-Benz AG, this merger brought about the legendary automobile named Mercedes-Benz. The first logo was a 3 point star in a laurel wreath, this combined the prior logos of both companies. The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing is still one of the most recognizable vehicles ever produced. Over the years the star has changed, yet Mercedes-Benz remains an automotive powerhouse in the industry. Slogans: Engineered To Move The Human Spirit. , Unlike any other. , The best or nothing.

MG Motors is a British auto manufacturer which has been relaunched with financing from some of the world's largest car manufacturers. The new models of MGs which include the MG 3, MG 6 GT, MG 6 Magnette and MG 6 BTCC Edition are designed and engineered at their 69 acre site located in Longbridge, Birmingham.

Morgan Motors Located in the hills of Malvern, England this British car brand was founded by Henry Morgan. This car company continues to be privately owned and still makes cars by hand.

Opel With over 150 years in business, this German auto manufacturer, should know a thing or two about making automobiles. Slogans: Opel. Wir leben Autos. , Opel. Fresh Thinking for Better Cars.

Peugeot Slogans: The best kept automotive secret in America. , Motion & Emotion.

Porsche This company founded by Ferdinand Porsche, is a well known European Auto Brand. Porsche vehicles are manufactured in Germany, their headquarters is located in Zuffenhausen. Porsche is well known for making small high performance sports cars. Porsche line of vehicles include the Boxster, Cayman, 911, Panamera and Cayenne. Slogan: There is no substitute.

Renault They make small cars that are popular outside of North America, in places like Romania, Russia, India, Africa and others. Slogan: Drive the change.

Rolls Royce Since 1904 Rolls-Royce has created instantly recognizable motor cars that have made the marquee an enduring icon all over the world. Inspired by some of the most evocative cars ever built, we have the great privilege of taking this legacy into the future.

Saab A Swedish automaker that is now owned by National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS). They originally manufactured planes and later switched to automobiles.

Skoda Founded in 1895 by Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement, ŠKODA is one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers, and proudly celebrates over 100 years of production. Based in Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic, ŠKODA is now a seven model brand - made up of the Citigo, Fabia, Roomster, Rapid, Octavia, Superb and Yeti. Slogan: Simply Clever

Smart When you think Smart Car, you should think small, that's because they manufacturer only mini electric cars and micro green cars. Designed to be small, artsy and fun while not breaking the bank. These cars are more popular in Europe where the roads are smaller and people tend to travel shorter distances. A great car for the single driver or someone who stays close to home. Slogan: open your mind.


Volkswagen of America, Inc. Slogans: Drivers wanted. , Fahrvergnugen , Think small. , Das Auto. (means "The Car" in German)

Volvo of North America Volvo's have long been known as one of the world's safest cars, yet they used to have a boxy, square look to them that was undesirable to many. Today that's all changed, Volvo now has a sleeker looking design, yet retains all the great safety features they are proud of. Slogan: Volvo. For life.