Americans have a passion for automobiles, that is unique throughout the world. It is not uncommon to own more than one car, truck or SUV in our privileged country.

We rely on our autos to get us to work, take the kids to school and to go out and play on the weekends. Every teenager looks forward to that day when they get their first license and can go out on the open road alone.

Detroit used to be the auto capitol of the world, while that has changed in recent years. The auto industry continues to make a comeback in the United States.

However, there is increasing competition from Asia and they are producing higher quality cars at lower prices all the time.

Of course the Europeans are known for making exquisite automobiles. Yet, many come with a high price tag.

Our website is dedicated to the Auto Brands that make the world move on 4 wheels. As the world turns they move us through it safely and comfortably.

Here you can find lists and information of top Auto Brands and articles about all things cars. We can also tell you which brands are considered the most reliable and longest lasting.

There is a silent revolution taking place amongst us, the advent of the self driving or autonomous vehicle.  It started as a concept, but has slowly become a reality.


Self driving cars appear to be the future for a myriad of reasons.

Want to purchase auto insurance for that new or slightly used gem of yours? We even have tips and information on how and which insurance to purchase.
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